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Become a Dealer

Thanks for your interest in getting on board with SC Tackle!

We’ve been a trusted wholesaler since 1973, and we’re proud to provide our dealers with:

  • Superior customer service
  • Industry-leading fill rates
  • Same-day shipping
  • Knowledgeable staff answering the phone
  • Competitive pricing

Dealer Requirements:

  • Must have a "Brick & Mortar" building with a retail license.
  • Store must be consumer accessible with regular business hours and stock a full line of fishing equipment whose main focus is selling fishing tackle.
  • Substantial initial order is required.
  • Must complete a Credit Application / Tax Exemption form (can be sent to you via email or USPS mail). Once this is sent back to us, we’ll do a reference check for approval. You can then place an initial stocking order.

Come join our family. We all have an overachieving relative—let us be yours! Start the process today by filling out the inquiry form.